POLYPOXY BF is a two component solvent free, epoxy resin based repair putty and mortar for concrete
surfaces. The epoxy putty consists of graded fillers and non sagging agents which makes its ideal for
application on vertical surfaces.
POLYPOXY BF is designed for filling of blow holes, cracks and minor imperfections on concrete surfaces.


Thixotropic. Can be applied on vertical surfaces
Good resistance to acids, alkalis, hydrocarbon fuels, oil and grease, solvents and sea water
High strength
Can be trowelled to a smooth finish
Creamy consistency, easy to use
Non toxic. Can be used in potable water applications


Concrete surfaces: Filling of blow holes, cracks, and surface imperfections up to 5mm
As a skim coat/filler on prepared floors prior to application of finish coatings and screeds
As Concrete repair: Repairing damaged concrete, crack filling, leak proofing on horizontal, vertical and over head surface
As jointing compound: Can be used to join Pre cast concrete/GRC structures
As a bedding material: Can be used for fixing tiles on heavy duty areas, bedding bridge beams or bridge bearing and for grouting
As a bonding agent: It bonds to almost all rigid surfaces.
As a mould: It can be molded to any shape