POLYHARD is a ready to use factory blended cementitious powder, which has been formulated to provide hard wearing surface when applied as a dry shake powder over freshly floated concrete surface. POLYHARD contains specially selected aggregates with excellent abrasion and wear resistance along with cementitious binders, plasticizers and admixtures to provide a tough & durable floor.


Provides a hard and durable surface topping on concrete
Reduces dusting and resists oil and grease penetration which makes it easy to clean
Premixed and ready to use powder
Ideal for interior and exterior use
Available in a range of colours
Forms a monolithic bond with concrete

Used for providing a high wear resistant and antiskid surface to newly laid concrete surface by
the dry shake method. It finds its best use in indoor and outdoor applications such as :
 Industrial warehouses & factories
 Ramps and loading bays
 Power stations
 Aircraft hangers