POLYGROUT NS is a cementitious non shrink grout which when mixed with water gives a free flowing
shrinkage compensated grout of excellent workability and performance. POLYGROUT NS is a blend of
selected cement, graded fillers and chemical additives. These special additives imparts controlled
expansion in plastic state at the same time minimize water requirement. This low water demand ensures
high early strength and controlled expansion compensates the initial shrinkage.


Free flowing
Shrinkage compensated
Premixed and properly packed to avoid site variation and errors
Excellent bond strength to concrete and steel
Adjustable consistency
High early strength characteristics for rapid results
Impact resistant. Have high strength and durability
Non shrink property of the grout provides maximum contact with bearing surface
Can be used up to 80mm thickness between plate and foundation
It is watertight and withstands chemically aggressive agents


Base plate grouting of:
Heavy machinery and equipment foundations
Repair of preā€“cast concrete
Bedding bearing plates and grouting
For anchoring of bolts, dowels etc
Sealing of tie rod holes