Polyflex is a two part acrylic modified cementitious coating, mixed at site for easy application. Polyflex
dries to a tough flexible layer of modified cement with an excellent waterproofing properties


" Excellent performance and flexible in nature
" Good adhesion to most surfaces
" Non toxic therefore suitable for potable water.
" Resistant to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion. (Forms a film that provide an anti
carbonation coating over concrete. A 1mm coating of polyflex provides anti carbonation cover
which is equivalent to over 75 cm of concrete.)
" Can resist up to 7 Bars of pressure.
" Unlike convential coatings which require 7 $ 28 days cure of concrete, Polyflex can be applied
to 24 hours old concrete, there by giving immediate protection to the concrete.
" Allows the substrate to breath.

" Pile head waterproofing.
" Water proofing of potable water reservoirs, both interior and exterior .
" To provide protection for concrete against carbonation and chloride attack.
" Water proof coating for roofs, concrete water tanks, lift well, inspection pits, swimming pools
spillways , bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas.
" Waterproof lining for water retaining structures
" As a backing to tiles, mosaic and marble to prevent water absorption .
" General construction waterproofing.
" As a protective coating for foundations .