POLYCURE AC is a non-degradable liquid type of curing and sealing compound based on acrylic and
proper wetting agents. POLYCURE AC is used to prevent rapid evaporation of water from fresh concrete
ensuring uniform hydration, adequate strength development and minimizes plastic and drying shrinkage
cracks. This will also act as sealing coat for protecting concrete from the attack of water borne salts and
ingress of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The cured film further acts as a primer system for
subsequent surface finishes. It also provides a dust free surface to the concrete with a reduced incidence
of drying shrinkage cracks.


Dual protection as curing and sealing compound
Protects concrete from water borne chlorides, sulphates and atmospheric carbon dioxide
Economical, Labour saving, Easy to apply
Clear and white pigmented types available


A cost effective curing compound as well as surface sealer for fresh concrete. An effective alternative to hessian, water or polyethelyne curing aids.
POLYCURE AC is suitable for use on all concrete surfaces and acts as a more effective andeconomical alternative to separate curing, priming systems.
In high rise construction to eliminate the requirement of water.
In areas subjected to high drying winds which require continuous curing.
Surfaces, which requires subsequent finishes.