POLYBOND SBR is a Styrene Butadiene Rubber copolymer based product which is used in mortar and
concrete as an admixture and bonding agent to increase its water resistance and durability.


Enhances the flexural and tensile strength of the mortar and render
Provides good resistance to water and moisture vapour transmission
Improves the chemical and abrasion resistant properties of the mortar
Can be applied in thin screed without cracking
Reduces the water/cement ratio
Easy to use
Compatible with all types of cements
Reduces shrinkage
Excellent adhesion to most building materials
Good resistance to salt permeation
Prolonged corrosion protection
Similar thermal expansion and modulus properties like concrete
Can be used in potable water applications


Bonding: For bonding of new to old concrete, tile bedding and fixing of slip bricks.
Waterproofing Internally: Basements,
Swimming pools, Potable water tanks, sludge tanks & ducts, tunnels and underpasses.
Waterproofing externally: Structures above ground
Waterproofing suspended floors: Patios, walkways, balconies, wet areas, plant rooms.
Waterproof bonding: Bricks slips, copings, Precast treads and risers.
Waterproof/Protective Slurries: Potable water tanks, sewerage and mild chemical holding tanks, porous concrete, block work and long
term protection of reinforcements or friable concrete soffits.
Repair of Concrete.
Admixture: As an admixture for cementitious systems. Improves the durability, water proofing and abrasion resistance properties of mortars.