POLYBOND SBR is a Styrene Butadiene Rubber copolymer based product which is used in mortar and
concrete as an admixture and bonding agent to increase its water resistance and durability.More..


POLYCRETE FC is a single component polymer modified fairing coat designed to fill pores, blowholes,
minor honeycombs on a concrete surface. This can also be used as a skim coat prior to the application
of protective coatings. It is a shrinkage compensated crack free material, which can be applied as thin
surface coats.More..


POLYCRETE ST is a high strength structural polymer modified repair mortar. The product is specially
formulated by blending OPC with non shrinking additives, fibres, polymers and fillers for repairing of
beams, columns and Slabs in structures which are subjected to dynamic loads and traffic.More..


POLYCURE AC is a non-degradable liquid type of curing and sealing compound based on acrylic and
proper wetting agents. POLYCURE AC is used to prevent rapid evaporation of water from fresh concrete
ensuring uniform hydration, adequate strength development and minimizes plastic and drying shrinkage
cracks. This will also act as sealing coat for protecting concrete from the attack of water borne salts and
ingress of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The cured film further acts as a primer system for
subsequent surface finishes. It also provides a dust free surface to the concrete with a reduced incidence
of drying shrinkage cracks.More..


POLYGROUT NS is a cementitious non shrink grout which when mixed with water gives a free flowing
shrinkage compensated grout of excellent workability and performance. POLYGROUT NS is a blend of
selected cement, graded fillers and chemical additives. These special additives imparts controlled
expansion in plastic state at the same time minimize water requirement. This low water demand ensures
high early strength and controlled expansion compensates the initial shrinkage.More..


POLYPOXY BF is a two component solvent free, epoxy resin based repair putty and mortar for concrete
surfaces. The epoxy putty consists of graded fillers and non sagging agents which makes its ideal for
application on vertical surfaces.
POLYPOXY BF is designed for filling of blow holes, cracks and minor imperfections on concrete surfaces.More..


POLYRELEASE is a chemical release agent applied on mould and shutter surfaces prior to casting concrete.
It ensures a smooth and uniform finish to the concrete.More..