POLYSEAL PS PG is a two component pourable, self leveling polysulphide resin based joint sealant. POLYSEAL PS PG is specifically designed to be used as a watertight seal for moderate movement and control joints in horizontal areas. It is based on a liquid polysulphide polymer which when mixed with the hardener, cures to form a tough, flexible and non staining rubber like seal. POLYSEAL PS PG has excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, metals and other common building surfaces. The cured sealant has good resistance to most environmental chemicals & resists deterioration on prolonged exposure to UV. POLYSEAL PS PG is suitable for use in horizontal areas with a maximum slope gradient of 10%. The sealant has a Movement Accomodation Factor (MAF) of ±25%.More..


POLYPRIME PS is a single component solvent based adhesion promoting primer for movement and control joints in porous substrates like concrete, block work, asbestos and timber. The primer forms a chemical bridge between the concrete surface and the sealant which is applied into the joint.More..


POLYSEAL 1PU is a one part low modulus high performance polyurethane sealant, which cures on absorption
of atmospheric moisture to form a firm and flexible rubber watertight seal for moderate movement
and control joints. POLYSEAL 1PU can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. The sealant
has a Movement Accomodation Factor (MAF) of ±25%.More..


Polytape AL flash band is a self-adhesive, aluminum surfaced bitumen backed sealing strip. It is quick,
efficient and cost effective method of flashing, sealing and repair that produces a lasting protection in all