POLYHARD is a ready to use factory blended cementitious powder, which has been formulated to provide hard wearing surface when applied as a dry shake powder over freshly floated concrete surface. POLYHARD contains specially selected aggregates with excellent abrasion and wear resistance along with cementitious binders, plasticizers and admixtures to provide a tough & durable floor. More..


POLYHARD L is a colorless low viscous liquid applied to floors to get a hard and dustproof finish. The ingredients present in Polyhard L react with the free lime present in cement and on hydration form hard and insoluble crystals, thus binding the particles and providing the floor with a hard and dust free surface. More..


POLYPRIME PU is a two component solvent free epoxy resin based primer and sealer coat for polyurethane based coatings and toppings. POLYPRIME PU can also be applied as a scratch coat with the addition of graded quartz sand. More..


POLYPUR TC 20 is a two component high quality UV stable polyurethane car park deck coating system. The coating provides a seamless, abrasion resistant floor coating system for both internal and external areas. More..


POLYPUR WC 40 is a multi component high quality elastomeric intermediate polyurethane resin based wearing coat for car park deck coating system. POLYPUR WC 40 is designed to provide a flexible and crack bridging waterproofing coating for highly trafficked areas. More..